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July 03-06 New Jersey and July 4th weekend in Manhattan

The next day after our arrival we visited the Air Victory Museum at South Jersey Regional Airport. This excellent museum had a range of aircraft from F14 Tomcat, Corsair, Phantom, Jolly Green Giant helicopter, E2 AWAX aircraft and many more. Thanks to Ernie Linnemann and again to Al Nugent for showing us around, it was certainly a once off to be able to sit in a F14 Tomcat and then to be able to walk aroud on its wings.

Billy O'Hare of BP Air, the local aircraft maintenance company offered to carry out the maintenance checks on our engine which were due. Some problems were found such as leaking fuel injector lines. It was a comfort to know that these problems were being found now and not later as our next long leg was the Atlantic crossing. A special thanks to Billy O'Hara who owns BP Air for carrying out our maintenance free of charge and in turn sponsoring our flight. We would highly recommend BR Air for any maintenance work needed on an aircraft, the are a very professional company. To contact BP Air call (609) 714-6800.

Later that day we traveled by train to New York to stay with Alan's brother Paul McMahon who lives in East Village, Manhattan. Paul moved to New York nearly two years ago and works for McKinsey Management Consultants. We spent July 4th in Manhattan watching the spectacular fire works display. Saturday was spent shopping in New York with some surprisingly great deals around.

On the Sunday after July 4th we traveled back down from Manhattan to New Jersey where we met up with Steve and Al. Steve kindly offered to take us up in the Aero Vodochody L-59 fighter jet which he owned. The L-59 is built in Czechoslovakia. It was an amazing experience to be up in such a fast jet doing barrel rolls and high G climb outs. Thanks to Steve Bulboff for bringing us flying in the L-59.



Paul in a F14 cockpit in Air Victory Museum at South Jersey Airport.

The Aero Vodochody L-59 fighter jet that Steve brought us up in.
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Paul getting strapped in for a
flight in the L-59
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Alan getting help from Al before
take off in the L-59
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Steve's house where we stayed our last night in New Jersey.
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Approach to Manila Airport in poor visibility, runway ahead
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Paul McMahon, Alan's brother

Long Island beach on July 4th.
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Fireworks July 4th Manhattan.
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